How to Hire an Effective SEO Company in UAE?

how to hire an SEO agency in uae

Whether you own a small, medium or large scale business, if your company is relying for web traffic for sales and marketing, you will either need to hire an SEO UAE specialist or master SEO by yourself. Your site could be the most beautiful site in the industry with all the good content and multimedia effects, but if it is not attracting the required level of clients, there may be something wrong somewhere. Probably, your site may not be visible to your targeted clients because it is far down in the rankings. This is where you will need to hire a professional SEO expert to help rank your site higher on the search engines. This way, you can attract the required amount of clients and increase the bottom line.

There are thousands of SEO services advertised on the web. But, how will you select the best SEO service provider out of them? There are many parameters that should be taken into consideration when hiring an effective SEO expert to your company. This article will highlight some of the most important do’s and don’ts when hiring an SEO expert in UAE.



The Years of Experience – Anyone can setup an SEO agency overnight. But an SEO expert cannot be built overnight. It takes years and years of experience to learn what is working and what is not when it comes to SEO work. The SEO consultant you plan to hire should have extensive experience in ranking clients sites within the first page of the search engines. They should be able to provide live case studies of sites that they have ranked high on the search engines.


Three Aspects of SEO

An SEO expert should understand the whole concept of SEO. Search engine optimization really involves three aspects. First, is the technical side where the expert should examine the structure of the website and determine the easiness/toughness of the search engine bots crawling your site. The second part is the on-page aspect of SEO. The final aspect is the external link building or off-page SEO.


Marketing Savvy

The SEO expert you are planning to hire should be a marketing savvy. Apart from the technical stuff of SEO, the rest is a lot like traditional marketing. The content of the site should be written in such a way that it outlines the benefit to the reader while leading them to a sale. All this boils down to marketing. So, the SEO expert that you select should have extensive marketing experience in the field.


Page Conversions

An SEO expert should always take the bigger picture into heart when ranking a website higher on the search engines. Do you want only to rank higher on the search engines without focusing on converting the traffic into sales. The focus of your SEO strategy should be to increase conversions and not to just rank higher.