Basic SEO Understanding

understanding basic seo

If you have a website, you want to receive a significant amount of traffic. One way to help ensure this happens is through implementing proper search engine optimization, or SEO, techniques. These are tools that all website owners use to increase their rankings on search engines. The higher your site ranks for searches, the more people that will click on your link.


One of the easiest ways to do this is through proper keywords. While you want to include them in the page content, you want to be leery of using them excessively. Such a practice can actually reduce the relevancy of your page. Three or four times in an article under seven hundred words should be sufficient.

Sitemap & URL Structure

Create a sitemap that is easy to use on your website. Not only will it improve navigation for your real visitors, it will simplify matters for search engine spiders to index your content. Make certain that your URLs readily identify the content to your visitors. Although it may seem simpler for you to categorize content in another manner, you need them to find links quickly.

Min use of Flash

If you want to achieve optimal search engine results, you should avoid the use of Flash and similar effects. Frames and AJAX have the same technical issues and all will prevent you from being able to link to a single page. If you still use them, place relevant links beneath the fold.

Onpage SEO & Content Management

Although many forms of media incorporate images that contain text, the search engines will not detect it as such. Use a keyword rich description in an ALT tag in order to draw attention to the message of the image. Select them carefully to focus on the various words and phrases people may be searching for. When you write new articles or posts, create some links to your previous content. Not only will it boost ratings, your site will appear more credible overall. Avoid excessive use of this tactic as well. Make certain all links are truly relevant and limit their usage to no more than four per article.

One important thing that many people forget is the need to continually update with new content. A business needs to maintain contact with the consumers through a variety of methods in order to stay fresh in their minds. By adding content to the site on a regularly scheduled basis, owners provide visitors with specials, information, and much more.

Use of Social Media

A good technique in search engine optimization is to utilize social media. There are many sites out there that people use in order to connect with their favorite brands and companies. From Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn to Pinterest, there are sites that appeal to every demographic. Learn how to work them to your advantage, including proper links.

If you are serious about using the Internet to make the most of your business, it is essential that you understand good SEO techniques. If you can work with all of them, you are certain to see an increase in traffic to your website.

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