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What is Display Advertising?display advertising landscape

For the past 10 to 12 years, display advertisements like banner ads have been part of online marketer’s toolbox. In Dubai, Display advertisement is picking up pace due to social media engagement.

Like other online advertising modes, display ads have also evolved; however, the basic banner ad has remained popular. Types of available display ads include static, animated, interactive, video ads and expanding ads.

Display advertising provides an interactive ad experience and engages the prospect into taking an action.

Why do Display Advertising?Banner Advert

When designing campaigns, a portion of Display ads can play a vital role in the success of overall marketing plan. Display ads have proven in the past that they are more effective in building brand awareness because they allow the campaign manager to advertise ads on website properties with highly relevant content which is in accordance to business products and services, when compared to the traditional form of marketing, such as television airtime and billboards, which are costly.

The huge advantage businesses get with utilizing Display ads is that they can engage with their target audience. Ads can be based on particular geographical region, language, demographics or interest criteria. The behaviour of customers and visitors can be recorded and tracked and due to this tracking in place, ad copy and marketing funnel can be optimized for optimal results

Our Display Advertising Services

At SHS Services, our aim is to make our clients’ display advertising campaign effective and result oriented. In order to make our clients investment worthwhile, we tailor our display ad options in line with their specific business goals and we ensure that they get positive return on investment.

We can help you grow your business by offering range of display advertising services:

  • Ad Development: Designing engaging ad is the core aspect of making a successful display advertising campaign and our design team can help you make one.
  • Campaign Management: When it comes to Display ads, advertising spend needs to be monitored in real time and optimizing the ad simultaneously. Testing and customizing ads with different placement options, ad copy and size are an important aspect in making display ad campaign successful and our team specializes in managing all these aspects.

We help our clients understand ad performance beyond the number of times the ad was viewed or the number of clicks on the landing page. The key is to provide the best return on investment for our client business.

Display advertising is a great channel, it depends how you utilize it to your advantage. We have hands-on experience when it comes to display advertisement so let SHS Services manage your display advertising campaigns and be rest assured that your campaign is in right hands.

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