Pay Per Click Management Services

It can be proudly stated that Pay Per Click advertising services offered by SHS Services can easily be compared to any PPC Management services in Dubai, UAE and the Middle East. The campaigns designed and managed at SHS Services are exclusive to our clients and categorized into one of the three categories: Traffic Driven Campaigns, Cost Per Action-Driven Campaigns, and Return On Investment-Driven Campaigns.

Traffic-Driven CampaignPPC Cloud Tag

A traffic-driven campaign is ideally suited to online setups that do not have proper conversion tracking in place, or if they might have but conversions are very thin and do not follow any pattern; this could be due to various reasons and the data gathered is not sufficient for decision making. The basic aim for a traffic-driven strategy is to focus on maximizing the amount of clicks received and visitors land on the website for each dirham spent. The goal is to increase the number of clicks to a website without altering marketing budgets.  This spike in traffic to a website gives an opportunity to businesses to convert the visitors into clients by optimizing the landing pages.

Cost Per Action (CPA)

Cost Per Action (CPA)-driven campaigns use set targets for all campaign decision making. These types of campaigns are ideally suited to businesses that have fewer products to display and the conversions are tracked. In designing such campaigns, where the cost of customer acquisition is defined, decisions are based on cost not exceeding the set budgets.

Return On Investment

Return On Investment-driven campaigns are best suited to businesses which run as an e-commerce platform and have budgets available because these campaigns are a bit more complex. Our ROI-driven campaigns are based on forecast models build in-house on assumptions in reference to Google Keyword Planner Tool and the model is tested on hypothetical changes to different campaign variables. In accordance to theses forecast, we make an analysis on the changes and its effect on the bottom line. Eventually, the goal is to increase the earnings and maximize the return on investment.

In Pay Per Click marketing, costs can easily go up and ruin the whole campaign if businesses no not have adequate controls in place and do not possess the right information in managing such campaigns.

Strategy for PPC Management

Low Hanging Fruit in PPC

Every business is different therefore it requires needs a specific marketing plan customized to its needs. That is why all ppc advertising campaigns at SHS Services are customized in accordance to business aims and objectives. We work in accordance to our client’s advertising budget and accordingly lay out a customized strategy that would work for them. Lowest hanging fruit is the way we prefer to start with, so that our clients get the most of their marketing spend.

PPC Management principles

  • Improve Adwords Quality Score
  • Increase CTR of ads, display the URLs & use the right keywords.
  • Ads should be relevant to keywords, adequate search volume.
  • The landing page should have transparency.
  • Landing Page should be easy to navigate and content should be original.

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