Search Engine Marketing

Engineer your website in a such a way that the search engines make your web pages their Best Friend. E-mail advertising, display or banner  ads, newspaper, magazine, and even television ads do not bring more eyeballs then a website listing on the first few pages of Yahoo or Google could bring . And the best of all, search engines don’t cost much. It is share management of content, data, resources and time.

That being said, the bitter truth is getting your website listed on to the first page of search engine, is not easy but it is not impossible and can be done with a proper SEM strategy in place. You need to understand and speak to search engines like to do it with your loved ones. Listen and give importance to what are looking for and how can your webpage assist the end user in a simplistic form. The user experience needs to be given importance. You need to know how to engineer your own site to make it appear when crawlers search the internet for requested results. You need to understand what the competition is trying to do differently and how are they ranking for the desired keywords.

After months of hard work, to get the desired results in page rankings, and then to maintain it is like rock climbing which gets difficult and steeper on a daily basis due to the fact that each day hundreds of new webpages are indexed on to the search engines. And these webpages are a clear threat to your top position if you do not pay attention to the changing trends in the internet arena.

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