Search Engine Optimization

SEO PuzzleAt SHS Services, we are advocates of creativity & generating ideas. Within the area of SEO Dubai we believe that ideas should be shared and the best way to do so is to list online and share it with search engines. Businesses that are built on such ideas tend to improve people’s lives and make the world a better place. Promoting such ideas has been a core contributor to our success

Recent developments and changes to search engines have brought a change the way digital marketing agencies work and conduct search engine optimization in Dubai. At SHS Services, our way of conducting SEO in Dubai is somewhat different to most SEO companies in UAE do. We tend to work according to our core principles of SEO being transparent in what we do, apply scientific methods, be strategic in our plan, and more importantly be proactive rather than reactive.This is how we try our best keep our client’s web businesses in the limelight.

Scientific ways to do SEO

SEO Science

SEO is all about algorithm and changes associated with them and how well your website copes with it. For these continuous changes, we use the most innovative SEO tools available to make search engine optimization a science. We have access to the best SEO tools and we compare our data by running different SEO tools for the same task in order to be at the top of our game so that nothing is left behind or overlooked. All the SEO gadgets we use make optimization a more scientific process and all these efforts turn digital marketing a science for us. They help us improve our clients’ businesses visibility over the internet.

Strategic ways to do SEO

SEO requirements for businesses wary, primarily due to the fact that each industry and niche has its own dynamics, it requires a different approach to tackle it. Simply due to this reason SEO Packages are not effective because they assume that same approach will work each time and solve the problems. SHS Services doesn’t work on package pricing. Firstly we get down with you to understand your needs, try establishing a sound marketing budget and then workout a customized SEO strategy in order to fit it into your business goals and needs.  In all niches there are always some low hanging fruits available and we try to get those first in order to get our clients the most out of every dirham they spend.

Transparent ways to do SEOtransparency in seo

For a long lasting business partnership, it is very important to know that secrets don’t make friends. Honesty and transparency are two strong pillars for a healthy business relationship which goes a long way. At SHS Services we advocate transparency in our work ethics and we expect the same from our clients.

Proactive ways to do SEO

We, as an SEO agency, act as digital marketing agents for our clients; therefore, it will not be incorrect to say that our clients benefit from our ability to act rather than react. We tend to be proactive in our approach to anticipate online marketing changes such as search engine algorithm updates. At SHS Services, our methodology to search engine optimization is to be proactive rather than reactive.


What is Search Engine Optimization?


  • An Approach to Target Individuals Who Are Searching For Your Product and Services
  • Permission Marketing or Inbound Marketing
  • Helps Potential Clients Find Your Goods & Services at Ease
  • Your customers likely consider high rankings in Search Engine as Authority
  • Your customer acquisition costs will likely decrease over time


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